Bridge The Knowledge Gap With Autonettv

AutoNetTV - Your Other Service Advisor 

Tech Talk Made Easy for Your Customers - The New Level of Show and Tell

Ever had trouble trying to explain a needed repair to your customer? Lets face it, as a mechanic you studied for four years and continue to study as technology evolves in cars. It is sometimes hard to relay the technical 'Jargon' that we use in the trade to the consumer. With AutoNetTV you can bridge that gap easily with easy to understand videos and animations to show or email to your customers.

AutoNetTV has a library of over 300 videos explaining all manner of repairs and preventative maintenance issues that all cars suffer from. If a picture tells a thousand words just imagine the power of quality video content accessible at the touch of a button.

AutoNetTV is available in three different platforms dependant on your business needs.

  • Drive Experience: Waiting Lounge TV (Lobby TV) is a fully customisable television program with a twist, designed to entertain your clients whilst in your waiting lounge but with feel good TV segments. No bad news about the Government's spending, how bad the economy is, just hand picked feel good TV updated monthly. The Twist: The adverts are educating and explaining to your customers, with fully customisable automotive videos explaining what may need doing on their vehicle. This drives further sales as the customer actually asks for services they may need! Turn your TV into a salesperson!


Video on Demand - VOD

In addition, stored in the device are considerable amounts of video which can be presented on demand to a customer.  Example: If Waiting Lounge TV was playing you could interrupt the video to show a customer 'Why you should carry out a wheel alignment' and when finished return to Waiting Lounge TV


  • Drive Services: Digital Menu Board is a completely customisable digital menu board that utilises your TV with eye catching content, videos and animations. Do you have people waiting in line to book their car in? Catch their eye with AutoNetTV's professional menu boards with your services and your pricing, all the time being surrounded with your selection of animations or specials. Digital Menu Board also has Video on Demand (VOD) capabilty as mentioned in Waiting Lounge TV.


  • Drive Content : Website Content.  Want to make your workshop appear even more professional than it is now? Do you want professional automotive video content emailed to your customers or on your website? Send your customers a video to their smartphone/computer/tablet to show them the services recommended for their car and break down the techical jargon barriers all whilst in their own personal space : No Pressure! It is childs play via the AutoNetTV online portal with easy customising of the video to have your logo and message as the header of the video. AutoNetTV content can be embedded into your website to educate your customers about the products and services your workshop provides.


Sabtool is proudly the exclusive distributor for autonettv for australia and new zealand


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