Podium Chemicals

Bulk Workshop and Detailing Chemicals

Podium Chemicals is Sabtool's own Australian Made brand of automotive workshop chemical consumables for car service maintenance. Our customers have always asked us to supply quality chemical consumables, so to keep up with our customers needs and wants, Podium Chemicals was born.

Products available in our range include:

  • Tyre Shines - Silicone and Non Silicone Based

  • Brake Cleaners, Degreasers, Parts Washer Solvent, Prep Solvent

  • Wash & Wax, Vinyl/Bumper Protectant, Windscreen Wash Additive, Truck or Fleet Wash

  • Brake Fluid - Dot 3,4, Super Dot 4, Dot 5.1

  • Cooling System Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Demineralised Water


If you would like to know more about any of the Podium range, talk to one of our representatives, click the contact us link or call us on (07) 54379969