Autel - Carman Scan - Jaltest


Sabtool is the authorised QLD distributor of all Autel, Carman and Jaltest scan tool equipment.

We have everything from a hand held code reader and TPMS unit to a complete full blown Jbox (pass through technology) programming tool.

Sabtool are the authorised Qld distributor for the entire range of Autel, Carman and Jaltest scan tools. This includes tablet, laptop or dedicated scan tools, Bluetooth or cable connection models. Sabtool offer a range of over 30 different models to suit any budget. With options such as Bore scope camera's and high quality oscilloscopes Sabtool have one of the largest ranges available. Diagnostic coverage of European, US and Australian light vehicles to heavy truck, construction and farm equipment. We also supply a range of smoke machines from our Asian and US based manufacturers.