Reinol Hand Cleaner

Sabtool are very proud to be distributing Reinol Hand Cleaner as the final step for mechanics in our long line of products. The rigors of everyday work in the automotive industry leave our customers with stained, sore, cracked and sometimes badly damaged hands including dermatitis.

The pictures above are from one of our customers on the Sunshine Coast who nearly had no option but to retire from the Auto industry with the worst case of dermatitis we can remember seeing, after just 16 days the results were astounding as you can see and this mechanic will not be leaving the trade, what a difference using an all natural cleaner can make!The solution is solvent free all natural Reinol Hand Cleaners that removes dirt, grease, oil, tar, varnish, graphite and carbon to name a few, all designed to leave your hands clean and smooth. It is non allergenic and comes with a built in disinfectant to treat cuts and abrasions. 

With nearly 90 years of manufacturing experience Reinol understand that the term skin care doesn’t need to be a conversation held by ladies in a department store. Servicing the needs of mechanics, machinists, engineering, construction, mining, marine, oil and gas, smash repairs and tyre manufacture and fitment, Reinol pride themselves on excellence and that is reflected in their reputation today.

Available in several different formulas to suit your own personal taste, Sabtool also stock dispenser kits for mess free metered dose application and with our regular service and supply you will never run out of hand cleaner. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to go home with clean hands at the end of the day? 

Call Us at Sabtool and take the Reinol test today!