Wynn's Professional Equipment

Wynn's have been a market leader and innovator in fluid maintenance equipment and machines for cars and trucks since the 70's. Wynn's have USER FRIENDLY equipment to service/flush and maintain Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmissions, Fuel Injection - Petrol & Diesel, Cooling System, Engine Crankcase, Differential and Brake systems.

Aimed at doing a far more thorough job for the consumers car and REALLY making a noticeable difference to the way the car drives, all whilst making the automotive professionals job more time efficient. Most of our fluid related equipment replaces/replenishes 95%+ of fluid whereas in a typical transmission and coolant change it may only remove between 30 and 65% of all fluids leaving a large amount of contaminated fluid behind.

From an engineering and driving aspect we demand so much from a modern day vehicle. And like any engineering marvel, cars need maintenance and service. Would you fly in a plane that had not been maintained? Then why would you neglect your car, have it's fluid maintenance looked after with the best - When it's Wynn's it Works

Finance Options Available. For an obligation free demonstration on any Wynn's equipment at your workshop or want to know more please contact your representative or call us on (07) 54379969